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Health Matters

When one of your employees or a loved one is diagnosed with a serious condition or faces chronic illness, finding the right provider and getting the right care is all that matters. And, it’s all just a phone call away…(800) 290-8559.

Our nurse advocates will work with the patient, family members, medical personnel and company representatives to ease the process, providing the necessary resources to understand the condition and to offer support throughout the cycle of care.

Our services include Patient Advocacy and Chronic Disease Management.

Patient Advocacy

“Did you get a second opinion?” – At Patient Advocates, getting a good second, and if necessary, third opinion is vital to the right diagnosis and successful treatment plan. And, we understand that time is of the essence when the diagnosis is serious; arranging group consultations and speedy appointments whenever possible.

Sick and vulnerable employees and family members can easily get lost in the medical system. Effective case management and intervention creates better communication among the patient, family and health care providers. All members enrolled in our health plans can contact a Patient Advocates nurse when they require hospitalization or have a major diagnosis by calling the 800 number on the back of their insurance card.

Chronic Disease Management

Living with chronic illness doesn’t have to slow you down. Under the right care and treatment program, you can maximize your wellness.

At Patient Advocates, we monitor your progress on a regular basis, check in with your providers and ensure that the established protocols for advanced care are followed.

Patients who are identified as having a chronic illness are provided targeted help to address the special needs of someone with an ongoing medical condition. A disease management nurse contacts the patient to outline the program benefits and requirements. The nurse then will work to help the patient better understand their disease and care, while working with both patients and providers to identify any gaps in care. Using computer modeling and Patient Advocates’ proprietary data warehouse, we evaluate clinical indicators and claims expenses.

How We Accomplish All This

We have worked hard over the years to develop long-established referral relationships with regional centers of medical excellence located in Maine, as well as in Boston, Baltimore and other cities across the country. At Patient Advocates you’ll find our experienced advocates provide leadership, education and guidance to achieve the highest level of performance from these healthcare providers, as they advocate for their patients throughout the cycle of care.

Our fundamental approach promotes healthy living while delivering results and improving access to the most advanced levels of care possible. As a result, clients benefit from reduced healthcare costs and enhanced quality of life.

Health and Nutrition Resources

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