case management

Health Coaching

Staying healthy and overcoming a medical problem are not one-time events. They involve an ongoing process of lifestyle choices and interaction with the health care system.

The nursing professionals at Patient Advocates understand what it takes to navigate today’s complex health care system, and how to help members achieve the best medical outcomes possible.

Our staff brings an inside knowledge and passion for patients to their work. The professionals at Patient Advocates also offer the can-do attitude and proactive practices that deliver results for patients over time.

  • Nurses communicate regularly with patients and their families, in order to develop comprehensive Case Management Solutions.
  • Calls are returned within 24 hours and, often, on the same day.
  • Accommodations are made to work within patients’ time schedules.
  • Referrals for specialty care are expedited, based on the acuity of the case.
  • Meetings with patients and their families are held, as appropriate, at home, acute care settings, physician’s office, the patient’s workplace or onsite at Patient Advocates.
  • Nurses attend team meetings when patients are in Skilled or Rehabilitation Care facilities.

To learn more about the health coaching Patient Advocates provides, call (800) 290-8559.