health screening

Discover Problems Early

An evaluation of someone’s current medical condition, through a high-risk health screening, is the crucial first step toward improving that person’s overall health.

At Patient Advocates, we encourage the use of an employee health screen to establish a solid foundation for a program of prevention, wellness and health-risk management.

Specific objectives of the health screen are to:

  • Identify individuals who are at high risk for developing potentially life-threatening or debilitating diseases
  • Assist high risk individuals to effectively navigate the health care system by promoting early intervention, offering appropriate referrals, providing health education and facilitating access to resources
  • Advocate for those individuals who wish to pursue appropriate health care options
  • Develop trusting relationships with employees
  • Promote health, wellness and prevention through established employee relationships

The screen itself is focused on the top four disease categories: circulatory (cardiac/stroke), respiratory (lung), cancer and diabetes. The screening often involves the taking of a brief medical history; recording height and weight; a blood pressure reading, and testing for total cholesterol (with HDL) and blood glucose.

Feedback of the results is made available to the employee, along with appropriate counseling.

To see how health screening can lay the foundation for improving the health of your workforce and eliminating preventable insurance claims, call (800) 290-8559.