Our Mission

We maximize the healthcare value and experience for our members through advocacy.

Our Vision

We collaborate with the employer community to disrupt the healthcare status quo to improve healthcare outcomes and connect members to quality providers.

Our Values

Advocacy: We educate and empower our members and clients, so they have the tools they need to navigate the healthcare system successfully while accessing quality care.

Pride in Our Work: Our work is a reflection of ourselves and shows we are accountable, transparent, and committed to the highest quality.

Accountability: We trust everyone to take responsibility for their actions and use their best judgment at all times, to act in the best interest of our members, our clients, and our team.

Teamwork: We emphasize the importance of individuals collaborating with trust and respect to achieve common goals.

Continuous Improvement: We will evaluate our internal processes to gain efficiencies while adapting to our member and client needs.

Integrity: Integrity is the backbone of our company culture. It is what we expect of one another and drives our decisions. It is the quality of being truthful, responsible, loyal, and self-aware.