Our Mission

We maximize the healthcare value and experience for our members through advocacy.

Our Vision

As a trusted partner, we challenge the healthcare system to improve the patient experience by delivering efficient and innovative solutions that connect members to quality providers.

Our Values

Advocacy: I internalize my clients’ and members viewpoint, their problem, and advocate on their behalf. I provide clear and actionable information to access quality care.

Innovation: We continuously pursue opportunities to improve value by disrupting the healthcare system.

Pride in Our Work: Our work is a reflection of ourselves and shows we are accountable, transparent and committed to teamwork and quality.

Commitment to Staff: We have the trust and respect of our colleagues and partners, opportunities to learn and help to continuously improve.

Continuous Improvement: We will evaluate our internal processes to implement opportunities to gain efficiencies while adapting to client needs.

Integrity: Is the backbone of our company culture. It is what we expect of one another and drives our decisions. It is the quality of being truthful, responsible, accountable, loyal and self-aware.