How We Work

Patient Advocates collaborates closely with clients to understand their business cultures and unique needs.

This process is centered on a philosophy of patient advocacy and includes developing customized strategies for employee health and wellness plans, as well as case and disease management. Our long-established and exclusive network of leading medical providers in Maine, New England and across the country, gives patients access to the latest medical advancements and technology at the greatest value.

As part of our commitment to quality health care, Patient Advocates encourages the use of regional and national Centers of Medical Excellence. Most often, due to higher volume and the use of the latest techniques, these centers provide superior services and more successful outcomes at a fraction of the cost of local services. In addition, these centers, due to higher volume, often provide superior services and results at a fraction of the cost of local services.

We would be happy to explain how our process can help address your health care needs. Give us a call at (800) 290-8559.