Partners in Patient Care

Our company has the same mission that you do: Provide high-quality, effective care to patients.

We are your partner in keeping individuals well and getting patients the treatment they require when illness or injury does strike.

Our philosophy is that taking care of patients with excellent health care services provides our members and clients with the most cost-effective course of treatment in the long run. Our nurses and other professionals work in collaboration with front-line medical practitioners to ensure this goal is met.

We’re also committed to working with you to ensure that claims are processed appropriately and without unnecessary delays.


Our preferred method of claims submission is via EDI. We use Emdeon as our dental clearinghouse.

Emdeon Payer ID: 10525


We use Smart Data Solutions as our medical clearinghouse.

Smart Data Solutions Payer ID: 55489

Claims may be mailed to:

Patient Advocates LLC
P.O. Box 1959
Gray, ME 04039